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Happy Horse Products now available through AtoZ vet supply.

Happy Horse Products now available in North Carolina.

We are pleased to announce that our Happy Horse Hay Steamers are now available for review and purchase at Irish Oak Farm, near Winston-Salem in North Carolina. For directions and contact information, please check

Happy Horse Hay Steamers Supports the BEF World Class Equestrian Programme
Happy Horse Products has helped countless horses to better respiratory health over the last decade, with their original and affordable range of Happy Horse Hay Steamers. Their in-depth understanding of the fundamental importance of a clean and clear respiratory system for the long term success and performance of competition horses has led to this British company coming on board as a Supporter of World Class Equestrian with the British Equestrian Federation.

Stable Mate credited for winning races
Shuil Coillte wins the 'Winners of Two' races at the Shillelagh & District Foxhounds' point-to-point in Ireland.

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Bringing the outdoors indoors

With its range of 2011 affordable Hay Steamers

Avoid being caught, knee deep in cold water, soaking hay for your horse, when you can steam it with one of scientifically tested hay steamer systems.

Independent microbiological testing has been conducted and found using a Happy Horse Hay Steamer can remove potentially harmful dust, mold, and yeast.  For more details click here

Benefits Of Hay Steaming

  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Retains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are lost by soaking.
  • Ideal solution for horses with COPD
  • Stops dust and fungal spore inhalation to help prevent respiratory disease.
  • No more heavy wet hay nets to handle.
  • An easy and less expensive alternative to Haylage.
  • Saves on water . Uses less than 2 gallons.
  • Inexpensive to operate. (See FAQ's)
  • Can be run on a timer so that your hay is ready and waiting when you need it, saving your valuable time.
  • Used by top leading stables and Olympic winners.

Happy Horse Products has developed a range of hay steamers to meet every need enabling you to provide the best possible forage, simply and efficiently.

Happy Horse Products is a patented, registered steaming system that circulates and reheats the steam in the chamber.  Maximum hay treatment is achieved through efficient treatment of hay by reducing the steaming time and maintaining the high temperature required.  No other method can achieve these results.


Our products have been rigorously tested and are used by many top competition riders, including riders at the Beijing Olympics, as well as the Royal Stables and Metropolitan Mounted Police Force of the United Kingdom.



When one of our horses developed respiratory problems, our veterinarian suggested we wash the hay before feeding to remove the dust as a way to reduce the occurrence of her flare-ups.  We noticed a decrease in her coughing when we did that, but not completely.  We used a garden hose to do the washing, which is often difficult in mid-winter Iowa.

 Looking for a better way, we ordered the professional steamer model from Happy Horse.  We have been using it twice a day, every day, for about 1 year now.  Our horse’s coughing has all but disappeared and the respiratory flare-ups greatly reduced in intensity and frequency.  We had just one minor occurrence this past year, which we attribute to air-borne dust.

 I can’t imagine feeding our two horses hay that hasn’t been steamed now.

 Jeff , Iowa